C_DetroitAs a young and growing professional I have found my place in the city that put the world on wheels.

I often get the question, “Why Detroit” and there are days that I ask myself the same thing.  Why am I choosing to start and grow my career and my life in a city that can’t provide some of the most simple city services to is 700,000 residents?

I chose Detroit because it’s a place where you can see change happening every single day. It’s a place where you I don’t feel like one of the masses, but rather one within a community, working each day to make change happen. I was drawn to Detroit for a brand new fellowship program that promised to provide me with a job, a network, a place to live in the city and opportunities to help local nonprofits further their missions.  I’m staying in Detroit because I know that I can make change happen in the streets around me.

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