Always Learning

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July 31, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Hello Everyone,

So this is my very first blog post and just like the title “always learning”  its a learning process.  I hope that, through this blog,  you learn something about me, I learn something about myself as well as learn things about the world the surrounds me each and every day.

Today I learned a few things.

1. The passage of time does not always make deal with somethings does not get easier.

3 years ago yesterday, July 30th 2007 my grandfather passed away.  He was a wonderful man and meant a lot to me and my entire family.  Times like these when I’m about to take a big step in my life (heading to Philly for 4 months) I wonder what he would say.  I know he would support me in any decision that I made but I would love to hear his encouraging words and the usual “I’m proud of you and love you”.  I enjoyed the time I spent with him but I can’t help but be sad that he will not be here to experience all that is ahead of me in the coming years.

2. On a lighter note, I learned that everyone is not as technically knowledgeable as I think they are. I think that after growing up with technology I assume that the majority of people can do the computer basics but that is not true.  Things like that are a friendly reminder of how quickly things change and how important it is to continue learning.

3. Finally, I learned, or rather was reminded that my family means the absolute world to me.  Its the little things each and every day that make the difference.  The “good mornings”, simple phone calls, hugs, smiles and the “love yous.” I know that I would not be the person that I am today without the continued support and love from my family.

Hope you learned something 😉


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