Only 5 days till the adventures begin!

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August 25, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Hello All!

So it is Tuesday August 24th and that means it’s only 5 days till my Philadelphia adventures begin.  I am getting very excited and littler nervous and a little anxious.  I just feel like I’ve been saying “I’m going off campus this fall” to so many people and I just want to be off campus/ out of Albion and let the fun and learning begin.

Speaking of learning, here is what I’m learning here in Albion for my last few days.

1. Who and what I’m really going to miss for the next 4 months.  A few of those being, my really great friends (Maddie, Kara, Dennis, Ashley, Lauren, Rachael, Holly) just to name a few.  These are faces that I love to see and voices that I love to hear.  I wish I could take all of you to Philly with me!

2. I don’t really enjoy packing.  It’s just not fun trying to figure out what to pack for 4 months away from home.  I’m going to be in Philly for practically 3 seasons. How does one pack for that? Light layers I suppose. 🙂

3.  My family is absolutely wonderful.  Of course I already knew this but the last few months, weeks and days I have really realized how much I depend on each and every member of my family.  Whether it’s a text message to brighten my day at work, an extra hug before I leave the house in the morning, or a fist bump ask they past my desk at work.  My family is amazing and I know this semester away is only going to make me realize that more.

My next blog post will probably be from Philadelphia, PA  so stay tuned for the real adventures to begin!

Hope you learned something 🙂


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