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September 1, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Wow! Its amazing what you can learn in 3 short days in the city.  I have been having a blast and really getting to love the city.  We have done apartment hunting, lots of walking, and some orientation talks.

Yesterday which was Monday we took a very extensive walking tour of the city.  A few of my favorite things were the LOVE statue, the Reading Terminal Market, which is a wonderful absolutely huge market.  I had a wonderful fresh roasted turkey sandwich.  I also went to the oldest street in the US which was like walking through a piece of history.  We also walked past Benjamin Franklin’s grave. If you throw a penny on his grave and it lands heads up your wish will come true.  (My wish was pretty good so I hope it comes true but I will be a while before I know).  I have so many places to take my friends and family now and can’t wait to start doing fun evening trips and things on the weekends.

Today is Tuesday, the last day of August. Today was the day of apartment hunting.  I think I probably walked 6 miles around the city and saw 6 apartments.  They were all very interesting but nothing for me yet.  I’m just staying optimistic and enjoying the experience.  I’m really getting to know the city and I love it.

What I’ve learned

1.  Apartment hunting is absolute exhausting

2. I really love the GPS function on my iPhone (not that I have to use it a lot)

3.  During this whole situation I’m going to need to be more assertive and outgoing

Well, I’ve got to get a good nights sleep so I can have a great run in the morning before another busy day of class scheduling and apartment hunting.

Hope you learned something 🙂


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