Another crazy day!

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September 2, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Well it was a wild Wednesday here in Philly.  Today myself and 3 other girls went out on the house hunt search and exhausted all our options.  We trekked all over the city from the southwest side to the northeast side to and a few places in between but the good news in we will be signing a lease tomorrow afternoon!!!I will be sure to post pictures once we get the place all cleaned up and decorated.

This evening I went out with a group of great girls over to the Rittenhouse where there was free music in the square.  We also walked around the shops along Walnut street and I bought my first bargain of the semester, 10 dollars for a great wallet from Urban Outfitter (it’s the perfect city girl wallet 😉 )

Tomorrow we are going to have our first city seminar, my class is Education and Difference at Work.  I’m really excited to learn what all this class is going about but I think we get to work with kids at schools in West Philly which I’m really excited about. More updates for that.

What I learned today…

1.  It pays to be persistent the apartment hunt was a perfect example of that.  It was a long and hot two days but it was a great learning experience

2.  It’s not always easy making new friends but it always pays to just be yourself

3. There is a great little restaurant just down the street from the hotel it named “Pandora’s Lunch Box” It is great food for a great price! That is my favorite little place to eat right now.

Hope you learned something 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog, there will be pictures to come.


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