1 week and 1 day

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September 5, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Well its been 1 week and 1 day since I began my adventures here in Philly and its been quite the week. I’m almost completely moved in to my apartment with my 3 housemates; Shannon from Whitman College, Meghan from Denison University and Hayley from Ohio Wesleyan University.  We have begun making our apartment feel like home by adding some color and furniture of course.  It’s not the most beautiful place but it our home from 4 months and for the price we are paying (310 per person per month) it’s a great place.  Here are a few pictures and there will be more to come when everything gets settled.

Right now I’m sitting in a super cute cafe called “The Bean.”  It’s only a minute walk from the door of my apartment and it has free wi-fi.  We have yet to call the cable company to get the internet and cable up and going but it’s on our list of things to do.

The internship search has also begun but will be in full swing on Tuesday.  I”m very anxious to get that process started and really start working in the city.  Interview should start Friday and I’m hoping to find the internship of my dreams quickly so I can spend as much time learning in my work place as possible.

I have officially signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21st so I’m committed to running for the next 11 weeks and its going to be great.  I’m really excited to be apart of such a big event.  I’m still looking for a pool to swim in but that is also on my list of things to figure out in the next week or so.

I feel like a lot has happened since I last wrote but I can’t for the life of me thing of what that might be.

Here are 3 things that I have learned since I last posted

1.  Everything works out for a reason.  The 4 our us were meant to have this gem of an apartment on South Street and its going to be a great experience to live in such a different neighborhood than I’m used to

2.  Starting a new life is expensive.  There are just lots of little things that I didn’t think about before, like a trashcan for the bathroom or hangers for my clothes or deciding what I’m going to eat.

3.  I love running around the city without my ipod! At home I always feel that I need my ipod or I just don’t run as well. Here in Philly, I’m able to run 4 miles without ever wishing that I had music playing in my ears because there is so much to look and notice when you are running in the city.

Hope you learned something 🙂


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