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September 17, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Its been a wonderful few days.  Since the last time I posted on Tuesday.  I have officially accepted an internship with a company called O3 World. It’s an amazing organization with great people and its going to be a great learning experience.  I will start that on Tuesday Sept. 21st.

Since I accepted the position on Wednesday evening, I’ve just been preparing for classes and enjoying the city .  Today I went to the National Liberty Museum. It was a very interesting museum and one that I would need to revisit to see what I missed.  After that I just walked around Old City a little bit and found a great little t-shirt shop where I got 2 t-shirts for Owen and Ian.   After that I met my housemates for lunch and have had a relaxed afternoon at home.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the zoo or doing something fun and exciting and on Sunday I’ll be watching my cousin John in his 1/2 marathon through the city.   I’m on my way out the door to my first Zumba class at the gym that I joined with a friend so that should be interesting. I will post what I’ve learned very when I return from the gym.


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