It’s been 3 weeks….

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September 19, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

I think I say this every time I post, but its hard to believe that time has gone so fast yet I feel like I’ve been here for ages. Its been exactly 3 weeks since I arrived in Philly and just about every second has been some kind of new adventure. As always I feel more and more at home in the city every day

This weekend hasn’t been to terribly exciting but it was still a good one.  Yesterday (Saturday).  I had a great run on my long loop out to the Art Museum and back along the river.  I love running at loop because I go from one end of Center City to the other. I get to run along the Delaware river for a while, then through China Town, down Benjamin Franklin Parkway, up the “Rocky” steps, along the Schuylkill river, through Rittenhouse square and through some very adorable neighborhoods.  I wish I could take my camera on my run with me and document everything that I see but that would be a little difficult.  I guess I’ll just have to walk the route sometime.

Today, I watched my cousin John complete his 4 half marathon.  He competed in the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon and there were 13,000 participants signed up.  He did very well and it was fun to cheer him on.  After that I leisurely walked back in the direction of my house but decided to sit in Washington Square Park to do some reading for my seminar class.  It was a PERFECT afternoon to sit in the park and read, sunny with a nice breeze and great people watching. This evening I’ve just been doing homework and getting ready for the week.

I start my internship officially on Tuesday and I’m very anxious, nervous and excited to get that under way. I’ll be working 4 days a week 9-6 so it’s almost a full-time job.  I’m excited to learn what Marketing is really all about and I know that O3 has a lot to teach me but I’m hoping that they’ll learn something from me too.  Here are just a few of the pictures that I’ve taken recently.  I’ll be adding more to facebook soon so you can check the rest of them out there.

So now its time for what I’ve learned…

1.  I’ve learned that taking advantage of this beautiful city doesn’t necessarily mean going and doing every touristy thing you can get your hands on, sometimes its just taking a blanket to the park, soaking up the sun and enjoying the day.

2. The keys to getting and internship are staying positive, knowing what you want, telling the potential placement what you want, and telling them what you can do for them.

3. Never discount your previous work experience.  I know the work I do at Casters is valuable but sometimes I worry that people will just brush it off because it’s a summer job and what have you, but I have gotten some great work experience and I think it actually help get me my internship for this semester. Thanks Casters (and Dad) for everything.

Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you learned something too 😉


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