First Day of Work

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September 21, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Today was my first day of work at O3 World.  I was so excited to get there get started and see what they had in store for me.

I was up nice and early, went for my morning run, got dressed in my best, packed my lunch and was heading to the bus stop around 8:05.  That was much to early but I wanted to make sure that I got on the right bus and had plenty of time to get to work.  I did get on the right bus, and after a little panic attack when the bus driver took a turn that was not on the route, I made it to my stop and walked the 3 blocks to work.

I was still very early so I found a little coffee shop in this area called the Piazza.  It seems to be a really young and hip area and my coffee was great.  I showed up to work a few minutes early, was shown to my desk and got settled in.  My first task was to just get familiar with what O3 can do for a client.  I was given a previous customers project proposal and read through it and asked any and every question I could come up with.  I think this whole first week is really going to be about learning.

I then had a meeting with the Director of Business Development, the marketing manager and the project manager, those are the people who I’ll be working most closely with, just to talk about my expectations, their expectations and what the semester has in store. It sounds like its going to be an amazing variety of great opportunities for learning and growth.

Here is the kicker! There is construction going on in the building either above or next to our office.  That means there is noise, dust, a little big of smoke and an interesting construction smell wafting in the office. One of the Partners of the organization was not happy about the smell and dust in the office! He then proceeded to come out of his office and tell everyone to finish up what they are doing and head home.  He felt the environment was not healthy for us to be working in.  So everyone finished up what they were doing and packed up for the day and headed home. I wasn’t sure if he was serious but the other people I work with assured me that he was serious and that I was free to go.

So, I left.  I spent an hour or so walking around Northern Liberties and then headed back to Center City on the subway.  After a quick visit to the center I headed out on my usual walk home.  Now its on to reading for class and homework. I think I”m going to go to the free concert at city hall this evening so I have something planned for this evening.

3 quick things I’ve learned

1.  The map function on my iPhone is wonderful.  It was very helpful in planning the travel for my first day!

2. The work world is unpredictable! Who knew I would have been released from my first day of work just 2 1/2 hours after arriving.  I’m hoping for a full day tomorrow!

3. It’s ok to ask questions about anything and everything.  I am becoming more and more comfortable asking questions about the things I am experience whether it be in class or at work and I know the more questions I ask the more I will learn.

Hope you enjoyed my first day at a glance and maybe even learned something 🙂


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