Fully living the Philly Life!

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October 7, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Hello Everyone!!!

One of my favorite pictures I've taken here in the city. Farmers Market at Head House

So I’ve officially been here in Philadelphia for over a month! I really can’t believe that its been a month, so much has happened and I still have a lot to look forward as well.

I’m finally getting into a routine with work and class.  I go to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with my class all day on Thursday.  Work has been going really well and I get more exciting things to do each and every day.  Right now I’m getting to help with this awesome project.  Its called Masterpiece Made Simple.  I am in charge of formatting and uploading the photos to the website as well as managing the social media portion of the website.  I think everyone should check out the website and starting taking some awesome photos with your cell phones!

Other than work I’ve been very busy.  I enjoy just walking around the city and taking photos.  Last weekend I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art which was completely overwhelming in its self.  I will have to go back to explore the 2nd floor, haha!  I’ve also been trying to check out some of the farmers markets that are all around the city.  Overall its just wonderful to be able to walk around the city on a beautiful day enjoy the sights and find some amazing surprises.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend because one of my best friends, Maddie, is coming to visit!!!!!  Last week I was pretty homesick and her visit couldn’t come at a better time.  So excited to have one of my comforts from home here in Philly for a few days!  I’ll be sure to post photos of our weekend adventures.  Speaking of visitors my mom has also schedule her trip to visit and I’m very exited see her and show her around the “big city”!

I haven’t uploaded any new photos but I will this weekend, I promise! Here are the photos from the previous post in case you missed them.


So now for a few quick things I’ve learned

1.  The best view of the city is from the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  If you ever get a chance to come to Philly, even if you don’t go into the art museum stand on the steps and look down Benjamin Franklin Parkway and just take in the beautiful view.

2. I miss fall in Michigan! The tree here just don’t seem to be changing colors like they do at home and it’s making it not feel so much like fall.  I miss my fall colors and the crunch of the colorful leaves under my feet.

3. I need to learn to make more things to eat/ grocery shop properly.  Oh well I guess that just comes with time.  I think I’m still eating pretty well for not having a lot of recipes under my belt.

Thanks for reading! Hope you learned something and check back for photos late this weekend!



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