It’s the little things…


October 31, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

….the things that really matter.  So I’ve been in Philly now  for 8 weeks and one thing that I know I’ve learned for sure is this:  To CELEBRATE and cherish the little things.  It’s truly the little things that make the difference and have made the difference for me here in Philly.

So what, you ask, are “the little things?” They can be anything to anyone and they are numerous things to me here in Philly so I’ll give you a little run down.  It’s the “good mornings” from my housemates,  it’s the peaceful walk to the bus stop in the morning,  it’s the texts from my family saying “have a great day, love you.”  But sometimes its even smaller than that.

Sometimes the little things are a peaceful walk interrupted by the crunch of the leaves under your feet serving as a reminder that its fall.  It can be a smile shared by myself and a stranger on the street.  It’s a simple thank you from someone on the subway or the bus.

But again there are still more simple things that make this experience so much more that I could have ever imagined.  It’s the feeling that my teachers/ professors/ friends (whatever you want to call the adult in the classroom) knows exactly what I mean even when I jumble my words or say “I don’t know what I want.”  It’s the simple and cheerful “Hello” from Ruthy the secretary as I come in for my 4 hours Thursday class. It’s the simple looks that Ilene Baker gives me because she knows it will make me laugh.

I have come realize that these little things no matter what they are making the difference in my experience here in Philly.  So often I get wrapped up in “I’ve got to do this and get that done and go here and go there” that I forget to enjoy the small things in life.  Everyone says “take a minute to stop and smell the roses” but that is often hard when you’re thrown into a new city or life or situation.  If that happens to you, take a minute and appreciate the small beautiful things that surround you each and every day.  They can truly make the difference.

I’ll end as I usually do, with what I’ve learned and I bet you’ll be able to guess one of them

1.  Take pleasure in the small things.  They can turn your day from bad to good in a single moment.

2.  The president of the United States, yes Barack Obama has very soft and fairly small hands.  Yes I shook the hand of the president when he made an appearance at the 4th Street Delicatessen on Saturday morning.  More to come on that story in the next post.

3.  Creating a personal brand is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done so far in my academic career.  It’s a project for my marketing class.  It’s hard to create an image that I wish to portray to the outside world and that I feel represents me as a person, a student, an employee, a daughter and a member of society.

So I leave you with a task.  Take the time to enjoy the little things and watch them truly make a difference in your daily life.  Thanks for reading.


One thought on “It’s the little things…

  1. Karen Dobbins says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the little things, sweet Caroline.

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