Walk through open doors or…

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November 7, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

One of the millions of front doors in Philly


Open closed doors?  It’s a question that was posed in my Monday evening marketing class and it has sort of become my question of the semester.  I think this entire experience has been a lesson of opening closed doors.  From day one I believe I have made small steps to opening doors that I once though were close.  The whole philosophy is do you take what you’re given or do you make decisions for yourself, stretch your boundaries and make personal progress.

I think the past 11 weeks here in Philly has been a crash course in opening closed doors.  Door 1- Find a place to live. Something I’ve never done and certainly no one here handed me the keys to my apartment when I arrived.  Door 2- Find an awesome internship.  Again, I’ve never had to do that.  The search, the interview process and decision was a whole new experience and no one-handed me the perfect placement paper and told me to report to work on Monday.  Door 3- Adjust, live and thrive in an unfamiliar city.  This was by far the door that I was furthest from opening before arriving in Philly.  But if I do say so myself I think this is the door that I’ve most successfully opened for myself. There are many other doors that I’ve opened in the past 11 weeks but there are still many to be opened.

It hit me today as I was walking through Washington Square Park that I have made this city my home.  It is now familiar, comfortable and welcoming.  I have found places within the city that make me feel welcome, at home and happy.  I enjoy just walking around the city and notice something new every time I do.  There is so much to discover but most of all I’ve discovered most about myself. I’ve discovered that I am my own person, I can step out of my comfort zone and not only survive but thrive and I’ve learned that I can do more that I thought I could.

I walk past front doors every day and I wonder, who lives behind those doors, why is their front door red or green or blue, what do they enjoy about Philadelphia.  Each day gives me new questions to ponder and new doors to open.

Not to break the streak… I’ll continue with the 3 things that I’ve learned.

1.  The Good Karma Cafe is a wonderful place to write a paper on a Saturday afternoon.  It’s a new cafe that just opened about 4 blocks from my apartment and it’s always packed but it sure did help me write my paper

2. An out of the blue phone call never ceases to make my day.  I’ve had surprise phone calls from my brother and my sister-in-law.  I love the call from friends and family that are out of the blue and just to say hi.

3.  There will always be new doors to open  and the challenge will continue to be to open closed doors.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned a little something.  Now go open a closed-door 🙂


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