Not new..just a better version


November 14, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins


I was walking to my Education class on a beautiful Thursday afternoon enjoying the wonderful day, my new Sara Bareilles cd and enjoying the scenery in Washington Square Park ad I realized something I think is very important.  I keep saying this experience is a life changing one and it is in some aspects it might be.  I”m becoming accustomed to living in the city, getting used to going to work and all of that but in other ways I don’t know that I’ve completely changed.  I think I have just become a better version of MYSELF.

I have learned so much in the 12 weeks that I’ve been here and I know that the last 4 weeks will only be more knowledge and more fun but that does not mean I that I am returning to Albion in December as a completely different person.  I still love to wear jeans and a t-shirt at any opportunity possible.  No matter how much I run, I will still love the sport of swimming more.  Sometimes I still have trouble keeping my room clean.  I could eat pasta in some form or another most nights of the week.  I love fall in Michigan and I don’t think I’ll ever find any place more beautiful to enjoy my favorite season. All of these things have not changed and I don’t think they’ll ever change, but I have gained a greater respect for all of these things that I love so much. I consider that just becoming a better version of myself.

In my work environment I am learning how to be an assertive and creative employee but I am not changing the positive attitude that I take with me to work every day and my will to learn and contribute to the great good of the company.  That is a better version of me as an employee.

In my classroom environment I am more confident in my opinion, more willing to touch on the tough issues.  These are all good things to have found while spending time here and I know they will be useful skills when I return to the classroom in Albion but somethings haven’t changed.  I am still the student who enjoys going to class and partaking in discussion, I am still the person who wants to do her very best inside the classroom.  All the new things I’ve learned have only made me better version of myself.

So the moral of the story, don’t always expect to leave a situation a completely different person because often you’ll actually just leave as a better version of yourself and that is that best thing that could happen.

So for what I’ve learned

1.  I am becoming a better version of myself and I very much enjoy discovering what that is.

2. I can cook fairly well (as long as I have a recipe)

3. Living in the city isn’t always fun and games, sometimes you’ve got to stay in and get your school work done.

Hope you learned something! 🙂


One thought on “Not new..just a better version

  1. Karen Dobbins says:

    Excellent post, Caroline

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