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December 7, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins

Hello All,

The 8 books I've read in Marketing this semester

So if you’ve been following my blog all along you may have noticed some changes over the past 10 weeks or so.  Well, it’s called my “personal brand” and it was the final accumulation of my Principles of Marketing class with Michael Edmondson. The just of the assignment was to find  1 word that you want to be associated with.  The 9 students in the class are hoping to be business professionals and leaders some day soon.  All of us struggled to find one word that would embody all that we wanted to be as young professionals without being too cliché.  We spent the semester reading books that talked a lot about personal brands and how to make a brand successful, so we had the tools we just had to put them to use.  The final product of the brand was to consist of a personal statement (75 words or less), then a value proposition (10 words or less) and then your final word.  The final word was then to be reflected in a personal website, business card and resume.  Chances are that you have seen all of those items of my personal brand.  So, do you know what my one word is??? If you don’t, then I need to try again but if you do I’ve succeeded in my mission to create a personal brand for myself. Check out my friends Meghan, Holly, Sara and Allie’s websites too!

My word is dynamic.  I feel that it is something that I can relate to now but also grow into in the coming years as I make the transition from a student to a young working professional. I know that I will continue to go through the personal branding process over and over again in my life because I have found it so valuable and I’ve learned that a brand is never static.

On a somewhat lighter note, things are crazy busy here in Philly.  This is the most stressed and overwhelmed I’ve felt since those first few days of looking for housing.  I know I will get all the work done but it’s a lot like finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle. All the pieces start to look the same, you’ve got all the edges done but now you have to do the hard part, fill in the center. So I’m working on filling in the center, that being my portfolio.   My goal is to have it done by this Friday so that I can thoroughly enjoy my last full weekend in Philly with wonderful friends.  Its going to be a whirlwind few days with papers flying everywhere (hopefully they all end up in my portfolio binder).

So now for what I’ve learned

1. I truly do need exercise to relieve stress.  Unfortunately that hasn’t been happening much in the past few days

2. I am most likely addicted to the smell of pool chlorine.  There is nothing I crave more sometimes than to smell chlorine on my skin from being in the pool for two hours.  I’m a swimmer, always will be, I’m a little crazy, but I love it

3. No matter how much I say I want to get home nor how many times I say I don’t want to leave Philly I think I will always be torn between 2 wonderful places.


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