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December 12, 2010 by Caroline Dobbins


Well 1 week from now I will be writing from my home in Michigan.  I know I keep saying this but boy is it hard to believe that my time in the city of brotherly love is almost over.  It is such a bittersweet feeling.  I refuse to start packing and I refuse to start saying goodbye.  I’m never good with goodbyes and I know this one is not going to be easier than any of the others.  My roommate Meg will be leaving on Wednesday afternoon following TPC finally assembly, my mom and sister will be arriving into town late on Thursday and I’ll be on the road home on Saturday.   It just doesn’t seem possible.  So to continue with my theme of refusal, I refuse to talk about leaving for the rest of this blog post.

I had a wonderful day today.  I slept in a little bit but headed out around 10:30 to The Expressive Hand.

My creation at "The Expressive Hand"

It’s a custom pottery painting studio.  Painting pottery is something that I love to do at home and something that I’ve been meaning to do all semester here.  Today was finally the day.  I was the first to arrive but soon after a few couples with adorable children arrived to paint wonderful gifts for Aunts, Uncles, Grandpas and Grandmas.  The kids were so cute but they sure did make me miss my wonderful nephews Ian and Owen back home!  So I spent about an hour and a half painting a plate.  It’s so relaxing and something that I really just enjoy doing by myself. A perfect way to start the day.

The rest of the day was devoted to the roommates.  We have all been so busy lately that we haven’t spent much time together.  We took the afternoon to go shopping of course.  We all have Christmas shopping on the brain so it was a great out.  I didn’t get any wonderful gifts yet but I did get some ideas, so I’ll be hitting up the stores in the next few days. We finished the day with a great at Marathon Grill and Gelato for the walk home. Since we no longer have cable we settled in for a night of movies.  It was a perfect day!

Tomorrow I’m planning on helping paint one of the many murals in Philadelphia through one of the Community Paint Day’s here in Philly.  There are so many beautiful pieces of artwork in the city and I’m very excited to get the opportunity to help create one.  It’s kind of like I’m leaving my own mark on the city.

As usual, What I’ve learned

1. No matter how many times I walk on the same streets I’ll always find something new

2. Purchasing Christmas gifts when away from home is extra difficult. I feel out of the loop!

3. Sometimes you don’t actually know all the things you’ve learned until you take some time to think about them.


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