The Final Year

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August 18, 2011 by Caroline Dobbins

It is time to head back to campus, the atmosphere and the people that I enjoy so much.  It is fall at Albion College but this time I am returning for the last fall.  I am looking forward to what senior year has in store for me.  Here is what I hope life will throw at me

  • Memories made with friends
  • Job Interviews
  • A great swim season
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Interesting classes
  • Personal Growth

Albion has yet to disappoint me with new experiences, new memories and challenging moments but I’ve always made it to the other side.  I am confident that I will make it to May 2012 and walk across the graduation stage but for now I’m not rushing life.  My number one goal for senior year is to enjoy every moment possible.  College has gone to fast for me to sit by the sidelines and watch life happen.  It is my life and its going to be what I make of it!

Stay tuned for periodic blogs about what I’m up to during senior year.


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