January to May…long overdue

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May 15, 2012 by Caroline Dobbins

Yes, I’m writing 4 months to the day after my graduation from Albion but I felt that all that has happened in the past 4 months, and even before, could not be condensed into one post.  So lets jump back in time to January 2012.

January started the year off with plenty of excitement.  I spent the first few days enjoying the sun in Florida for my last college team training trip.  This is about when I started saying “this is the last time….” I returned from Florida early to jet set to Paris. My first European adventure.  Albion afforded me the opportunity to participate in a semester long exchange with students from a business school just outside of Paris.  Myself and 7 other Albion students traveled to Paris for the week to work on our business plans and certainly enjoy the city.  It was an amazing trip, to say the least! January also marked the beginning of my final semester at Albion.

As soon as I returned to Albion it was full speed ahead, enjoying senior year, taking classes, a part-time internship at Humanery in Marshall and much more. Busy, just like I like it!

February: Another busy month and another month of “lasts.” I competed in my final collegiate swim meet at Holland Aquatic Center. (Funny thing, that is where my final high school meet took place as well). Though the weekend was a mix of great, good and not so good swims it was all about enjoying the moment.  Each time I stepped on the blocks I tried to remember how it felt.  Competitive swimming has been such a big part of my life that I never want to forget what it feels like to race.

Just a week later, I, along with a great team off helpers Alyssa, Carly and Olivia, hosted our sorority’s annual philanthropy event, ANCHOR SPLASH.  It was a wonderful event that raised more money than ever before for Service for Sight (DG’s national philanthropy).  It was certainly stressful but a highlight of my college career.

March: Spring break! I spent a week in Florida with 3 great friends (Kara, Casey and Dennis). We enjoyed the sun, the beach, delicious food and each others company. Once returning from break I began to settle in, graduation was right around the corner, the job search should begin and much more.  With all of that came some anxiety, that’s for sure.

One very important date was March 24th, the day I turned in my Challenge Detroit application.  If you’re up on my life, you’ll know why that’s important and if not, just keep reading

April: One month till graduation and it seemed like crunch time.  Job applications were out, calls were not coming in and confidence was waning.  I was truly trying to enjoy my last few weeks of college career but the after college life just seems so unknown. Then things started to fall into place.  I received a summer internship offer to return to Inner Circle Media in Ann Arbor for the summer, I made the first cut from 900+ to 100 and then second cut from 100 to the top 66 Challenge Detroit hopefuls. With the support of my wonderful family and friends the thought of graduation didn’t seem quite so scary.

May: GRADUATION! But first….travel to Detroit for a two day final interview with Challenge Detroit.  The first week was a complete whirlwind culminating in my greatest accomplishment of my life thus far, Graduation Day.  Surrounded by family, friends, professors and a campus that I love, I walked across the steps of Kresge gymnasium, shook the governors hand and received my diploma. I walked down the steps to see the faces of wonderful family beaming with pride and most importantly greeted with a slightly teary hug from my #1 fan, my dad. Albion, was by far the place for me to grow as an individual and a professional and I know it has prepared me for what lies in front of me and for that I am grateful.

That is just a snap shot of all the wonderful things that filled my last semester at Albion.  To see photos, feel free to check out my facebook. To hear how I spent my summer…stay tuned for the next post titled “May to September.”


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