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August 23, 2012 by Caroline Dobbins

To continue on my previous post I’m going to pick up with after graduation. Wow, that’s a weird phrase to think about “life after graduation” what does that even mean? Well for me it involves wanting to get a dog, moving home, moving to Ann Arbor, an internship, hoping for good news, time with family and looking forward to what the change of seasons might bring.

May: After graduation, my friends left town, moved home, planned for graduate school or medical school or started the job hunt.  I took a week to get ready for my internship at Inner Circle Media.  I was lucky enough to spend another great summer working with the team at ICM doing all things social media, blog writing, helping clients and having fun. My work started mid-May and it was full speed ahead. About 1 week into my internship I received the phone call I had waited months for. The call that would decided what I would do for the next year, yep you guessed it, I was chosen to participate as one of 30 in a program called Challenge Detroit. (Many more details about that in the next post).

June: Working and working-out can pretty much sum up most of my summer months.  Between working all day and finishing training for my 3rd Dexter- Ann Arbor half marathon, this time with my great friend Rachael, I stayed pretty busy.  A quick trip up north with mom and dad for Fathers Day weekend and the pink ribbon ride is always a great time. A wonderful 1st birthday party for my niece Molly and lots of other little things. Summer just seemed to be flying by!

July:  Apartment hunting, bike riding, running, working, planning for a move consumed the days of July. A few quick trips up north, a Triathlon in Clarkston, long runs, short runs, time with family and work.  In mid July I decided where I would call home during my year with Challenge Detroit, an exciting but also nerve-raking experience. I seem to wrap stress or anxiety in to most of the large changes in my life, but it all turns out okay in the long run, I now know that.

August: Final move preparations, very quick trips (24 hours to be exact) up north, a 43 mile bike ride with Dad, 10th Harbor Springs coastal crawl, 3rd Petoskey Triathlon and finishing up work at Inner Circle Media occupied the first couple weeks of August.

If those 3 months sound like a whirlwind wait for this.  I moved out of my summer sublet in Ann Arbor on the 17th and headed back to Albion. That left 3 days to pack, organize, purge and prepare for my first real move. It was certainly a crazy few days but with the help of my wonderful mother I was able to get everything packed and ready to go while still enjoying time with the whole family before starting off on my new adventure.

Mixed emotions certainly filled those final days at home but it was a feeling that I remembered from my move to Albion. Excitement, nerves, uncertainty peppered with a little bit of fear and all brought to life by a little voice in my head. As usual, to view my summer in picture form, feel free to check out my facebook

Now that you know the highlights of 2012 thus far please come back to hear all about my move, Challenge Detroit orientation week, my first week on the job and so much more to come.


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