Founder Friday…. 2.0

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June 9, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

It was another busy day in Detroit, but I promised a thought-provoking post to end the weekend. If you read my post from late Friday night, you know I attended an event called Founder Friday. The speaker, Angela Livingston was dynamic and offered a few great pieces of advice.

1. Don’t let fear get in the way: Fear is a hard thing to get over. We each have different fears that stand in the way of different things. It may stand in our way of diving head first into that new business idea we have or taking plunge to go back to school and study what we’ve always wanted to. There are days I still fight things that frighten me but I don’t ever want to feel that I missed out on something because fear got in the way.

2. Find the best team possible and then treat them like family: I know I’ve always got my nine wonderful family members in my corner and I would put them on my team any day.  When I’m able to choose my team or if I start my own business, I hope to be wise

blog3enough to realize the traits that I value in my family and find those in my team members.

3. Don’t be intimidated by a suit, a portfolio or a title, you are a person and soare they: I admit, it is sometimes difficult for me not to be intimidated by those who have higher titles and have more experience. This piece of advice to me, is probably the most helpful. I think it will help me put things in perspective, we are all just people. I’m intelligent, they are intelligent and we are both people, that’s what matters.

4. Align yourself with those like you and those that share your values: This is something that I’m always working towards. I know that I work best when surround by people who value creativity, innovation and hard work. As I continue my career and personal life I know it will be important for me to be working with people who share those values.

5. Prove yourself, every single day. “Be crave worthy”: What a great phrase, “be crave worthy”!  I’ve heard “make yourself irreplaceable” or “make them miss you when you’re gone” but the idea of being crave worthy is interesting.  You want your team, or your organization to crave your skills, your expertise and your value. I want to make myself crave worthy.

6. Be grateful for everything: For every opportunity, every conversation, every introduction. Everything might not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a step forward or something to be grateful for.


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