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June 11, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

Making time in the day often seems impossible.  Between work, the gym, an hour in the car each day and things in between, I’m pretty tired by the time I get home and the thought of cooking a delicious meal doesn’t even cross my mind. As you might remember I had a wonderful trip to Eastern Market on Saturday where I go Michigan grown asparagus, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, seven lemons and two pounds of plums.  What a random assortment of things! The best meals come from random things, at least I think so.

My dinner tonight was so good that I forgot to capture at picture of the final product so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Tonight I made, baked pesto chicken breast, baked sweet potate fries, balsamic marinated sautéed asparagus with individual servings of apple crisp for dessert. The coolest part of the whole thing probably was that I made my own pesto from the leaves of my basil plant that sits happily on my balcony. It amazing how wonderful food can taste when you use such wonderful ingredients.

If you’d like to enjoy some of my wonderful cooking skills, toss some cash my way, come visit and I’ll whip something up.  Just like writing, cooking is calming, relaxing and enjoyable. I’m making time to write, why shouldn’t I be able to make time to cook? You’re right, i should be able to make time.  Here’s to trying to make more time!


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