Create something spontaneous…


June 17, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

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What if we each at the opportunity to create something spontaneous that would bring joy to those around us? Nothing extravagant but rather create something as creating an opportunity that will make people smile. I just spent my entire day working to realize and idea that will bring spontaneous joy to Detroit.

The afternoon was spent blowing up each group’s idea, meaning, how do we make this happen, what does it look like, what could it be and then given $100 dollars to make it happen TOMORROW! How cool is that?!  Tomorrow in Detroit 5 different things will be bringing joy to the city in completely different ways.  Today I attended a workshop hosted at Ponyride, and hosted by Little Things Lab.

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It wasn’t a workshop full of inspiring speakers and full of taking notes.  Rather, it was a workshop full of inspiring ideas.We started  in groups of 7, each person posted (literally putting post-it notes on the wall) with 3 things we were good at, 3 things we love about Detroit and 3 things we love. We were then charged with creating groupings of 3 sticky notes.Nothing was to crazy, if there was any possible correlation or possible connection those notes went together.  From those combinations of 3, we were off and drawing, tasking with drawing what our words could be. The end result, each group (5 total groups) have 1 completely awesome idea, not at all rooted in feasibility or logic but rather in what brings joy.

Tomorrow in Detroit, you might find Hammocks near the DIA, groups of individuals asking you “What does detroit sound like?”.  You’ll most certainly be able to participate in the Detroit Pop-Up Parade at

photo (4)the Riverfront carousel at noon and the Detroit Hustle in Hart Plaza at 12:30.  If you’re looking for joy, if you want to see something little make a difference, if you want to be a part of something awesome come to Detroit tomorrow and experience the joy that will be created by 50 unique individuals that met today.


3 thoughts on “Create something spontaneous…

  1. scott says:

    Awesome……had a great time….scott from the hammock huddle!

  2. […] As I wrote yesterday, today my group was tasked with executing our idea to bring joy to the city and I believe we achieved that.  I know my actions today made me more joyful and I believe I brought joy to others. […]

  3. Felisha says:

    Great write up!!!……Group ” Hustle Hart Plaza”!!……look for our up coming events!

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