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June 18, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

Eighteen days ago I set out to write something on my blog each day.  I’ve been successful so far and don’t foresee missing a day but the last two days have been unexpected.  They have been unexpected days of joy in my life. I had the opportunity to experience a workshop that challenged me and peers to discover something, or five things rather, that would bring joy to a city that is in transition, Detroit.

As I wrote yesterday, today my group was tasked with executing our idea to bring joy tophoto (5) the city and I believe we achieved that.  I know my actions today made me more joyful and I believe I brought joy to others.

I ended my day listening to three individual stories all intertwined with the idea of bringing joy to others in seemingly small but meaningful ways.  I tried to capture each segment with quotes and projects but there is just so much to digest.

As I sit down to write tonight I feel that I need time to reflect on what I experienced in the workshop and what was said in the lecture. So with that, I promise to you (whoever my readers may be) that my next post, or two or three will be ones that will tell you more of my experience, reflect on those experiences and explore the possibilities. To get an idea of what I experienced, check out this video

Tonight I will leave you with a quote.  I would tell you it was the quote that resonated with me the most while listening to the lecture, but then I would have to list all the quotes I wrote down feverishly this evening.  It is a quote, that brought me joy, in a moment in time, today.

“We never waste time when we explore and attempt to understand something” – Shared by Archie Lee Coates IV of PlayLab


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