A whirlwind!

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June 25, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

Where have the past few days gone? I wrote last Friday saying I was going to have a busy weekend and I was sure right.

IMG_3051Saturday was an awesome day in Detroit, even with heat.  Started with running with new friends in a new area, then a trip to Eastern Market with other friends. I love to people watch while at the market because there is such a wonderful mix of people all in search of the same things; delicious produce, unique products and a shopping experience unlike any grocery store.  I also, love getting, probably the most delicious ice mocha from Germacks. It’s the perfect thing to enjoy while walking around.

There of course is no time for rest because it was time to enjoy my first beer festival, an opportunity to try lots of new drinks, play games outside and enjoy the company of lots of people in Detroit. I of course enjoyed the event but what I also enjoyed was the energy that seemed to be in the city.  Seeing people outside enjoying all the downtown Detroit has to offer was pretty darn cool.

The day is quite over yet, we wrapped up the evening with the Tiger’s game.  We decided to just get standing room only ticket ($19 bucks, can’t go wrong with that). It was a beautiful evening to be at the game with friends and a great way to end a very busy day. Needless to say I slept like a rock, but the day was well worth it.

Sunday was much more low key. Grocery shopping, cooking for friends, enjoying an evening with a good friend and preparing for the week certainly was all I could muster after such a busy Saturday. It was still a wonderful way to end my weekend.

Finally the fun just continued into Monday.  After the car in the shop, a day at work and a great workout at crossfit it was time to make a spur of the moment plan to watch the Detroit Fireworks on the river.

IMG_3082My friend Jason and I decided that it would be awesome if we ventured across the border and watch the fireworks from the shores of Windsor.This was my first time driving across the Ambassador Bridge and spending more than 20 or some minutes in Canada so I was so excited! The mini adventure could not have gone any better, no problem parking, we had a beautiful place to watch the show and a painless trip back to the states. I may have found a new tradition!

This was a bland update, I admit it but I’m looking forward to getting in back in the swing of writing and finishing out the month of June and the month of writing.  It’s crazy to think that 4th of July is right around the corner.  So much to do in so little time.


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