Feeling Free

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June 28, 2013 by Caroline Dobbins

I’ve recently started reading a blog name “Thought Catalog.”  Some of their posts are comedic and very light-hearted but others offer interesting perspective and for just a few moments make me think about how I live my life, how I view myself and what I have to offer life. These moments, however brief they might be, the best ones stick with me.  Tonight’s reading was titled “10 Ways to Feel Free“. An interesting title in itself, what do we need to feel more free from? In my opinion, the answer is… Ourselves.

We are sometimes our biggest obstacles in getting what we really want out of life.  And it’s not as simple as just opening our eyes to the things that might be staring us in the face. Life isn’t that easy (most of the time). Sometimes we need to be nudged in the right direction or given a little piece of information to chew on that helps us answer the question of ‘why not’. Why am I not trying for that promotion? Why am I not taking time for myself? Why am I unhappy in a relationship? The list of why nots can go on and on, we all have that list… I know I do. blog11

Of course all ten pieces of information in the Thought Catalog post this evening made me think, at least a little bit, but there was one in particular that stuck out. “Be the person who loves you most and judges you least.” I know I am guilty of doing the exact opposite of this statement. It’s easy for me to target the things I’m doing wrong, not eating healthy, not exercising enough, not giving enough to others, not making my bed, the list goes on. These are all acts that don’t promote self-love and certainly promote judgement of self. It’s simple to fall into these patterns, however unfortunate that may be. Why is it that we are willing to talk to ourselves in ways that we would never accept from the people around us.  Some how we justify that if it the words come from us, ‘it’s okay’.  That is absolutely not true!

That of course is certainly easier to type that it is to put into action. How do we change the conversation we have with ourselves on a daily basis.  What actions do we take to love ourselves more and judge ourselves less? Those actions are unique to the individual and I suppose can change over time but the most important thing is that we take the time to notice how we speak to ourselves and begin to change that conversation. It is in those moments than we begin to free ourselves from ourselves and feel more free to be exactly who we are supposed to and want to be.


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