It’s Okay, We’re Different

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June 10, 2014 by Caroline Dobbins

Sunday night, 51beautiful women competed for the title of Miss USA, they have all worked hard, earned degrees, worked to make a difference and worked for all they have achieved.  Now, I’ve never been in a pageant, I’lll never be 5′ 7″, and my ability to walk in heels as high as my friend Mekalya was strutting in on Sunday, and that is okay.

Now Miss Indiana, or as I know her as Mekayla, my wonderful sorority sister, who stood next to me on the first day of recruitment February of 2009. She’s a beautiful individual who I truly enjoyed sharing part of my college experience with. DeltaGammaPledgeClassRecently Mekayla has taken the media by storm because of her complete confidence during Sunday night’s swimsuit competition. Much of the talk was that she’s an example of ‘normal’ which has been received both positively and negative. Mekayla has worked hard and is proud of the way she looks and that should be EVERYONE’S normal.

The fact is, we’re all different. I’m not 5′ 7″ and 137 lbs like my friend, but honestly that’s okay.  Am I 100% comfortable with how I look when I look in the mirror, no. However I know that I work to be healthy, whatever that is for my 5′ 3″ frame.  Each of us should not strive to look like Mekalya, because the fact is we won’t.  Strive to be the healthiest version of whoever you are and be happy with that.


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