Take A Break

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June 11, 2014 by Caroline Dobbins

That phrase is a tough one sometimes.  I think it is a part of our DNA these days to just go and go and go. Of course, there is nothing wrong with some life hustle, you’ll never achieve what you really want without it, but there can be a fine line.

I think most people in my life (and I could be completely wrong) would say I’m a pretty busy person. I like to be involved in things that pique my interests, spend time being healthy, enjoy time with friends, not to mention go to work every day. I’ve pretty much always been this way though… I’m one of those people that often says, “I’m more productive when I have more things to do”, which most of the time is true.

IMG_3650In the last six months or so I’ve let off the gas a little it, at least it feels like it. I’m not actively training for any summer races and I’m not volunteering with anything right now.  Sure I go to one off events here and there, enjoy my time at the gym with my new weights program, but the fire seems to be just smoldering instead of really burning.  I’m not sure if I could pinpoint exactly when or why this happened. Also, some days I really enjoy my very low key life, but others it does feel like I’m not pushing just a little bit harder and that provides me with some guilt.

Now guilt is a tricky thing, you an either change it by changing your actions or sweep it under the rug and try to forget that it’s still sitting on your shoulder. I’ll admit, I’ve been doing the latter and it’s time to stop. Do I want to jump into training for marathon number three, or finally start studying for the GMAT, or start working a second job… of that I’m not sure, but I’m working to figure that out, and that’s important too.

Life is about balance, a mix of go go go and stop and breath and I think I’m still figuring that out. But really, that’s all we’re really trying to do, figure out what works for us, realizing that everyone else in our lives is doing exactly the same thing.


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