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Caroline Dobbins

Experienced professional with a unique skill set developed from corporate, non-profit and startup environments. IMG_2970

  • Outstanding communicator able to relate well with diverse populations at all organizational levels.
  • Strong multi-tasking, organizational, problem resolution and decision-making skills.
  • Creative, organizational and communication skills used to execute digital marketing and community management strategy

Current Work 

I am currently an Outreach Specialist for Intern in Michigan. It is my role to help grow the user base for Intern in Michigan, a free, web-based internship matching site that seeks to create connections between young talent looking to start their careers in Michigan and employers in Michigan looking for outstanding intern talent. I started this position after completing my Challenge Detroit Fellowship in August of 2013. I’m looking forward to continuing to build my personal and professional network in the City of Detroit and the Metro Detroit region as a small part in the areas revitalization.

My Passions

There are a lot of things that I enjoy doing.  Some I do for myself and some I do for others but the most important thing is that they make me happy.  I enjoy spending time with my family, brothers, sisters, parents and nieces and nephews, I truly feel at home wherever they are.

If I’m not with my family, you’ll probably find me doing some form of physical activity, Crossfit, Road Biking, Swimming, Running, I love it all.  I appreciate a challenge and that’s what exercise is to me.

When not working out, you might find me reading up on the newest social media trend, checking out articles on topics ranging from small business to Detroit to entrepreneurship. If thats not happening I’m most likely enjoying a little R & R with some of my favorite television shows on TLC or HGTV.


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